Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make sure your website is correctly indexed by Google. Identify technical and content optimizations to perform.

AdWords Optimization

Identify keyword opportunities. Exploit long tail keywords traffic and low cpc to gain quality traffic at a reasonable cost.

Platforms and Tools setup

Setup correctly all platforms related to your website and identify necessary tools to simplify your work.

Digital Presence Audit

We can audit your digital presence and identify technical issues that need to be addressed, but also opportunities for your business to exploit.

Usability Testing

How user friendly is your website? Is it easy and straight forward for the users to perform necessary tasks? We can help you find out.


You own an e-shop and you need to increase your traffic? Need to improve your conversions? Want to learn about best practices? We can help you optimize your website and shopping experience.

Office Automation

Simplify processes and gain time and money. Streamline day to day work. Perform more robust data analysis with the use of sophisticated tools and techniques.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor your website, social media platforms and digital campaigns effectively. Use dynamic reports and analytics to gain insights and optimize your digital strategy and tactics.